Davide Barrica

DB is me. Creative Designer specialized in design strategy, visual identities, art direction, editorial, and websites. Currently, working from Madrid to anywhere, connecting with clients across the world. Over the years, I have fostered strong relationships with both small and large clients, delivering design solutions that meet their needs. Collaboration lies at the heart of my creative process, and I have the pleasure of working with amazing people from esteemed studios such as Parametro Studio and Zware Jongens, among others. Together, we have crafted captivating visual narratives and brought brands to life.

Seeking fresh opportunities, I am currently available for new projects, or for mid-term collaborations. Whether you're a small business looking to establish your brand presence or a design studio seeking for collaborations, I'm here to hear you.Let's collaborate, have fun and create something outstanding. If you’re curious to see my work please get in touch today, or tomorrow or next week.